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SINCE 1985.

Teraciel Group La Sorogeeka Associates | La Sarogeeka Associates

Local captains of industry, global corporations and everyone in between. That, in a nutshell, is who La Sorogeeka Associates was created for. Since its establishment in 1985, the company has earned the enviable reputation of being one of the world’s leading interior design solutions providers. Over the years, the company has evolved from its origins in India to become a name synonymous with luxury, opulence and grandeur- from Los Angeles to London, Dubai to Paris, Tashkent to New Delhi. Moving beyond set patterns and one-size-fits-all approaches, our designers and craftsmen prove themselves with bespoke creations that bear our signature of finesse.

Originally created as an ancillary service of La Sorogeeka, catering to both the design and interiors arms, ANCA today is a force to be reckoned with; a bespoke service which creates unique pieces tailor-made to fulfill individual tastes and desires. Our creations are characterised by an unparalleled combination of detailing, innovative use of materials and unique personalisation- all crafted with uncompromising standards of quality and excellence. ANCA’s point of distinction lies in original luxury pieces far removed from mass production and imitations. Each of the pieces showcased by the brand bears its own story, flaunting the finest craftsmanship traditions.