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who we are

Founded in 1985, the Teraciel Group began its operations in the luxury interiors industry, followed by vertical integration into industries spanning manufacturing, construction and fit outs, seeing consistent growth in market share over the years. Over the past three decades, the group has steadily expanded into real estate investment, luxury real estate development as well as retail and trading, to name a few.

We are proud to have maintained international certification of iso 45001 by consistently giving the highest attention to healthy, safety and environment across all our operations. We are also an iso 9001 and 14001 certified company and obsessed with continuous self-improvement of our quality standards across our products, services, and processes.

Teraciel Group | About | Teraciel Group
Teraciel Group | About | Teraciel Group

Teraciel Group | About | Mission MISSION

Deliver Complex Projects recognized for Leading Design, Paramount Quality, and Seamless Execution.

Teraciel Group | About | Vision VISION

To be the leading Interior Contractor in the luxury residential markets in the Middle-East and India.

To be the leading Interior Contractor delivering Complex Landmark Projects in Developing Countries across the Globe.

Teraciel Group | About | Vision VALUES

  • Commitment to Operational Excellence and Continual Improvement

  • Delivering value across the Value Chain

  • Quality Driven - for Deliverables and Process

  • Exceeding Customer Standards and client Experince

  • People Centric Organization working as an Unbreakable Unit

Teraciel Group | About | Our Pillars OUR PILLARS


We believe that in order to achieve greatness, we must act with conviction and courage. Our passion to outperform and our determination to succeed, are the key elements of our culture that nurture future-oriented thoughts and actions.


There is nothing that we cannot achieve if we put our mind to it. Our ambitions is driven by our progressive Thought and Action. We continually seek to improve, and our firm, obsessive, culture built around self-improvement ensures that we continue to stay on the path to success.

Our brand pillars are the foundation upon which we have built our legacy; our commitment is to not just meet, but set new standards in every task we undertake.


We set our sights high, then surpass them. Our Entrepreneurial spirit and culture of being a constant start-up since three decades, ensures each element of the organization is leading change and pioneering evolution. The further we go, the farther we set the horizon.


The stature of a company is not in how much wealth it acquires, but in its integrity and ability to affect, partners, associates and employees in a positive manner. Our unquestionable character, and unwavering focus on our commitments, keeps us grounded while our ideas help us soar.

Teraciel Group | About | Our Pillars LEADERSHIP PRINCIPLES


Leaders act like Owners. Have a long term vision and look to grow the company as their own, beyond the interests of their team or themselves.

Continuous improvement & systems optimization

Leaders are keen learners, and always seek ways to improve themself and their team and their systems.

Hire the best and develop leaders

Leaders raise the bar for performance with every recruitment and promotion, and take the role of coaching seriously to develop the best teams within the organization.

Take action

Leaders take action, make decisions with calculated risks consistently. They understand the significant of constantly pushing the needle, and velocity in business and our industries

Frugality and conservative financial practice

Leaders accomplish more with less. There are no rewards for exceeding budgets, or increasing headcount. Money saved, is earned.

Highest standards of quality and performance

Leaders have relentlessly high standards- and drive their teams to deliver the highest quality of projects, details, and processes. Leaders do not accept any mediocrity within their teams.

Earn trust

Leaders earn trust by exhibiting integrity and honesty. They build meaningful relationships based on performance and meaningful work. And are candid and speak their mind.

Think big

Leaders must have a large vision, and inspire the team to achieve and deliver on that. Small thinkers can never be leaders.